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10,00 €
Extra strong wax with long-lasting effects.                                                 Hypoallergenic fragrance. Tutorial Watch the video!
14,00 €
Alcohol free, modelling emulsion with soft fix and gloss effect.With hypoallergenic fragrance.
15,00 €
A superb protective fluid for an unbeatable glossy effect for hair and split ends.The fluid protects the hair from the heating caused by the dryer and  the hair straighteners.
9,50 €
This volumising hairspray gives volume and hold to the hair.Special resins and an elasticity part of this product give extreme protection from external agents. Hairspray 100ml available from February 2020
19,00 €
Extra Strong Strong water-based wax with long-lasting effects.  DISPLAY
19,00 €
Shiny finishing Wax Water-soluble modeling wax with long-lasting shiny effect.  DISPLAY
10,00 €
Black and Brown is an alcohol-free Styling gel that gives an intense touch of brown to grey hair, making it shiny, protected and defined. It eliminates the unwanted blue tones.
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