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For greasy hair. It has a balancing action on sebum. Formulated by Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins and Officinalis Sage, it cleanses the scalp gently, donating vigor, body, volume and easy combing. 
14,00 €
For dry and treated hair. It's a shampoo with a nourishing, moisturising and protective action. It gives vitality and sheen to dry and treated hair. Formulated by Grain Proteins and Gooseberry, it is recommended when a restructuring action is needed.
14,00 €
For hair with dandruff. It's a shampoo with an anti-dandruff and antibacterial action. Tea Tree Oil and Essential Birch Oil based, cleanses the scalp gently and deeply, freeing it of impurities and giving to the hair its natural shine.
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For weak hair.It has a preventive action against hair loss. Formulated by Serenoa Repens and horse-chestnut, it stimulates follicular action, revitalizes and soothes the scalp. 
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Olive oil-based Washing Oil, suitable for scalp, hair and body. Indicated as shower-shampoo, it gives silkiness, moisture and tone. Suitable for all types of scalp desquamation and also to eliminate residues such as chlorine, salinity and hair treatment. Daily use is suggested, because it is suitable for all types of hair and skin, including greasy ones,...
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To purify the scalp from any kind of impurity. This treatment has a sebum-balancing, purifying, healing and decongestant action onto the scalp. Formulated by Chinese menthol, nettle, rosemary, propolis and calendula glycolic extract, it operates on the pilosebaceum system, nourishing all types of damaged hair (chemically treated as well), giving them...
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It gives softness and intense untangling for vigorous and protected hair with nutrient action.With Coconut Oil and Silk Protein.
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Refreshing mask, lenitive and hydrating for dry hair and decongested skin.It maintains a correct hydrolipidic skin and hair balance.
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