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Energizing Lotion

For weak hair.

It is a hydroalcoholic lotion formulated by vegetables proteins, which has a nourishing and strengthening action. It is ideal for intensive treatments in preventing hair loss caused by bad diet, periodicity, stress, smoke and postpartum.

Energizing Lotion Natù is a cosmetic treatment which contains Biotin, Calcium Pantothenate and a mixture of vegetable extracts which nourishes the hair and stimulates the roots, encouraging the re-growth. It is also an anti-aging treatment with antioxidant action which conditions the hair giving it sheen and volume.

How to use: Use one washed and almost dry hair. Spread the content of one phial on the scalp, using the supplied doser. Massage circularly on scalp and hair.

Apply 1/2 times per week for 4/8 weeks. The repetition of the treatment 2/3 times per year is recommended.

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