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EXTREME LOOK - Strong hold matt wax 50 ml

EXTREME LOOK - Strong hold matt wax 50 ml

Neutral paste with extra strong hold, ideal for extreme and sculpted looks, with a long-lasting effect. How to use: Apply to dry or damp hair and shape as desired. It can be removed with a shampoo.
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Applying it once in the morning will keep the desired hair shape for a whole day. Ideal for modeling and creating well-defined styles that last all day. Tousled or trendy, your hair will have the perfect look for any occasion and at any time of your day. Leaves the hair light, non-greasy and leaves no residue, and is easily removed with a shampoo.


  • Extra strong hold for sculpted results
  • It is not greasy and leaves no residue
  • Defines and shapes the hairstyle
  • Durable long-lasting fixation
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance
  • Ideal format for travel 100 ml


What does extra strong hold mean?

  • You can style your hair however you like, extreme look has been designed to keep your hair in place for a long time!

What type of hair is it ideal for?

  • Medium-short hair for a long-lasting sculpted effect.

Does it have a strong fragrance?

  • The scent is delicate and hypoallergenic, very pleasant