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Adjuvant treatment in the prevention of hair loss. It has a beneficial revitalizing action on the scalp, counteracting the physiological hair loss and an effective purifying and rebalancing effect. It can cause skin redness.
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Enriched with:

SALVIA OFFICINALIS: Aromatic herb rich in rebalancing, sebum-normalizing and antiseptic active ingredients. Strengthens and strengthens hair fibers, enhances hair growth and fights hair loss.
OLIGOMINERALS: Complex of specific active ingredients including iron, magnesium, zinc with rebalancing action and therefore of help to impure, irritated, dry, sensitive, delicate and stressed skin. It has a nourishing and balancing action for the hair, strengthening it.
WHEAT PROTEINS: They have a filling and protective function, forming a sort of barrier and restructuring damaged hair. Moisturizing and nourishing action, to condition and soften the hair, reduces skin irritation due to the effect of surfactants.
NETTLE EXTRACT: Nettle contains large amounts of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, iron, silicic acid, functional against dandruff and hair loss. Strengthens the scalp, cleanses and prevents the formation of dandruff and hair loss.

Natù is compatibility and purity
Active ingredients of natural origin
Without dyes
Delicacy on the skin
Hypoallergenic fragrances