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NATÙ BOX - Hair care for greasy hair to give balance and volume

NATÙ BOX - Hair care for greasy hair to give balance and volume

The ideal box to restore all the softness and shine of your hair!
  • Sebum-balancing shampoo for oily hair and oily scalp
  • Energizing mask for fine and weak hair
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We created this amazing box for greasy and oily hair at a discounted price! An original idea to bring a breath of pleasure and well-being to you and your loved ones. For an easy and healthy hair wash.


The perfect combination to rebalance oily hair and oily scalp. The combined cleansing and soothing action of our rebalancing shampoo combined with an intense highly volumizing and detangling action of the energizing mask will give a new life to your oily hair, making it feel light fresh again. The soothing and purifying action of sage officinalis and the wheat proteins contained in the Sebò shampoo, combined with the intense revitalizing action of the Energy mask will accompany you in a pleasant and purifying hair wash, gently cleansing the skin thoroughly and untangling the hair quickly and easily. For a deep nourishing and rebalancing action.

Sebò delicate shampoo, the best remedy for greasy and oily hair

Dèlice rebalancing shampoo for greasy hair with a soothing and sebum-balancing action, is based on wheat proteins and sage Officinalis. In fact, its intense cleansing action hydrates, nourishes and protects hair and scalp, giving shine and vitality. It carries out a cleansing and rebalancing action with the following components:

Salvia Officinalis: purifying, antiseptic properties, regulates sebum production and relieves skin irritations.

Wheat proteins: they have softening properties, they give brightness and vitality to the hair making it soft and silky.

Sebò Shampoo

Energy revitalizing action mask

This intensive revitalizing mask gives strength and structure to the hair, giving it new energy and vitality. Suitable for fine and thin hair that needs to acquire tone and volume. It has a volumizing and moisturizing action thanks to the following components:

Horse chestnut: Cleanses the skin in a non-aggressive way and without interfering with the scalp, and is useful in cases of hair that tends to get dirty quickly. It strengthens the hair shaft giving greater compactness and brightness and stimulates hair growth.

Serenoa repens: is a natural and alternative solution that effectively prevents and fights hair loss. It is able to counteract hair loss. Helps to fortify hair, maintaining a healthy structure.

Energy Mask