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NERONE - Hair gloss Dark-Brown 100 ml

NERONE - Hair gloss Dark-Brown 100 ml

Alcohol-free modeling that gives an intense dark-brown touch to gray hair, making it shiny, protected and defined. Its dark brown color masks white hair, giving it an intense effect. How to use: Apply to damp or dry hair and style as desired. Do not use with anti-yellow shampoo and avoid applying an excessive amount of product.
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Ideal for medium-long hair, it nourishes and improves the appearance and color of your hair, making it protected and shiny. If you have dull and dry hair, NERONE comes to your aid, precisely because it adds brightness, nourishes and improves the appearance of your hair. Quick and easy to apply, it eliminates annoying yellow reflections and adds a touch of intense color. For those who want to cover gray hair in a simple way with a natural effect. It is non-greasy and leaves no residue, and is easily removed with a shampoo.



  • Mask off white and gray hair
  • Eliminates yellow highlights from white hair
  • Gives shine WITHOUT greasing
  • Soft fixing and GLOSS finish
  • LIGHT hold, defines and shapes
  • It leaves no residue and does not dye hands
  • Ideal format for travel 100 ml


Does it stain skin and pillow case?

  • Once applied and dry it does not grease and does not stain the skin and the pillowcase. It just goes away with shampoo

For a man who has totally white hair, what coverage does he have?

  • The effect is from gray to dark gray.

How does the product behave in case of rain?

  • It's a normal gloss, nothing happens with a little rain.

Is it just for graying black hair or even graying brown?

  • It gives a shade to white hair, the effect is also excellent on browns.

What does it smell like?

  • Fresh and light scent that does not interfere in case you want to wear a perfume.

What type of hair is it ideal for?

  • It has a light hold so it is perfect for medium-long hair, it gives a shiny, shiny effect and a natural style.



Do not use it  with anti-yellow shampoo. Excessive use on candid white hair could deposit unwanted color reflections. Excellent on yellowed white hair.