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SILVERSTAR - Anti-yellow shampoo for gray or bleached hair 250 ml

SILVERSTAR - Anti-yellow shampoo for gray or bleached hair 250 ml

Triple action anti-yellow shampoo: cleanses, reflects, hydrates. Formulated to correct unwanted yellow reflections on white and / or gray hair in a practical, simple and fast way.
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Formulated with delicate surfactants, it delicately cleanses, polishes and protects the hair, giving brightness and shine.

How to use: distribute evenly throughout the still damp hair, massaging carefully. Leave on for 2/3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the application if necessary. Professional use.


  • Eliminates unwanted yellow reflections
  • Also great for bleached hair
  • For shiny hair
  • Nourishing and protective
  • Cleanses, reflects, hydrates
  • Gentle cleansing action on the skin


Is it also good for blonde hair?

  • Yes, it is also excellent for reviving blonde hair and eliminating yellow reflections.

Is it a bleach?

  • It is not useful for bleaching, it removes the yellow of the discoloration so the hair acquires more shades of gray

How long will it take for the hair to turn yellow again?

  • The effect is not permanent, but used frequently it removes the yellow.