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SUMMER PACK - Free beach bag with shampoo and mask

SUMMER PACK - Free beach bag with shampoo and mask

Buy a mask and a shampoo of your choice among those proposed. Immediately for you a perfect beach bag to carry all your favorite products with you!
€ 28,00 - € 38,00
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BIANCO LATTE - Hair and body shampoo with milk

Gentle milk shampoo for body hair, frequent use. It makes the hair soft and deeply hydrated. Suitable for all skin and hair types, especially for dry hair, it gently cleanses the scalp, hair and body, adding tone and brightness.

FRESH MINT - Hair and body shampoo with mint

Mint shampoo for hair and body, frequent use. Great for oily scalps, fine and normal hair. It has a decisive refreshing action and also serves to relieve any itching skin. In addition to purifying the skin, it has a strong toning power. This feature makes this shampoo particularly suitable after intense physical activity such as swimming, running and the gym.

OLIVER - Delicate hair and body washing oil with olive oil

Washing oil with the active ingredient of olive oil for skin, hair and body, gives hydration, silkiness and tone. It does not contain water and is free of preservatives. Excellent for regenerating the scalp and damaged and brittle hair, effective for combating dryness, frizz and split ends. Suitable for all cases of scaling of the skin and also to eliminate any residual chlorine, salt.


COCÒ MASK - Detangling coconut hair mask

Intensive coconut oil hair mask. It gives hydration, silkiness, intense and immediate detangling for vital and protected hair, with an effective nourishing action thanks to its active ingredient based on Coconut Oil and Silk Proteins. This mask provides nourishment to even the most damaged hair. Coconut oil helps prevent the formation of split ends and gives your hair silkiness and softness.

MINT MASK - Mint detangling hair mask

Its intense and immediate action based on Eucalyptus refreshes and brings relief to the skin, giving the hair deep brightness and vitality. Excellent for all hair types, it has a strong toning power.

ENERGY MASK - Detangling hair mask with revitalizing action

Intensive Energizing Mask, for fine hair. Gives strength and structure to the hair giving new energy and vitality. Suitable for fine, thin and weak hair that needs to acquire tone and volume. Thanks to its vegetable extracts and essential oils of Horse Chestnut and Serenoa Repens, it nourishes, restructures and strengthens, giving tone and energy.