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AQUAGEL - Strong hold water gel 100 / 500 ml

AQUAGEL - Strong hold water gel 100 / 500 ml

Medium-hold water gel, also ideal for long, curly and wavy hair. Applied to damp hair, it gives a defined and natural look, eliminating frizz and ruffles. Easy to apply, does not stick and leaves hair soft and light.
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Aquagel is our water-based gel for curly hair that gives softness and shine, hydrating and defining the hair for a long time. It brings definition to the natural movement of the hair, leaving the it light and soft. Thanks to its formulation based on special conditioning resins, it moisturizes without greasing and without leaving residues. It has a strengthening action on the hair, keeping it hydrated and protected throughout the day. It leaves no residue and is easily removed with a shampoo.

Ideal also for defining long wavy and curly hair.

How to use: Massage a small amount of product on your hands and apply it on damp hair for a natural anti-frizz effect. The product can be used on dry or wet hair, before or after styling.


  • Defines curly hair with an anti-frizz effect
  • Also ideal for long and wavy hair
  • For immediate softness and shine
  • Leaves hair light and defined
  • Strong hold and long lasting fixation
  • Does not harden or stick the hair
  • Ideal format for travel 100 ml


Does this strong hold water gel create a natural effect?

Aquagel leaves hair soft giving a natural look. Non-greasy and brings luminosity and brilliance to the hair, leaving it light and defined.

What type of hair is the strong hold water gel for curly hair ideal for?

Aquagel is medium hold, so it is also great for medium-long hair, it gives definition and brilliance for a natural style.

Does it have a strong fragrance?

The scent of the water gel is very delicate and does not interfere in case of wearing perfume.

I have straight hair, I'm looking for a good strong hold gel that doesn't stick my hair like wax does, is this okay?

It's good for defining wavy, curly hair and is useful for removing frizz from the hair. Use Aquagel on damp hair, once dried the sticky effect does not remain but leaves the hair soft and light.

Does this gel leave a whitish residue?

Our strong hold water gel, is formulated with special conditioning resins that leave no residue. Its extra strong hold keeps the look defined throughout the day.

What are the main features of Aquagel for curly hair?

The water-based hair gel is an ideal product to maintain the fixing of the hairstyle for a long time. Also great for modeling and creating a soft and tidy style. It is not greasy and does not harden.

Do you have any other specific hair products like this strong hold water gel for curly hair?

If you are looking for a specific product for short hair, you can try Kristal Wax, a strong-hold water-based wax for sculpted and long-lasting effects. Gives shine and defines the hair without greasing. Massage a small amount on the hands, work it and apply it on the hair. Blackgel is the most popular line of creams, shampoos and hair products in Italy.