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ENERGY - Energizing Shampoo for weak hair 250 / 1000 ml

ENERGY - Energizing Shampoo for weak hair 250 / 1000 ml

It has a preventive action against hair loss. Formulated by Serenoa Repens and horse-chestnut, it stimulates follicular action, revitalizes and soothes the scalp. 
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Energizing shampoo, ideal as a support in the prevention of hair loss. Based on Serenoa Repens and Horse Chestnut, it stimulates the follicular action and is toning and soothing for the scalp. Great for everyday use.

How to use: Apply the shampoo on wet hair, massaging gently. Rinse and proceed with a second application, localizing it on the scalp and massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly.


Energizing Action:

  • Serenoa Repens: is able to counteract hair loss. Helps to fortify the hair, maintaining a healthy structure.
  • Horse chestnut: strengthen and counteract hair loss. It cleanses the skin in a non-aggressive way and without interfering with the skin, and is useful in cases of hair that tend to get dirty quickly. In addition, it strengthens the hair shaft giving greater firmness and brightness and stimulates hair regrowth.

Frequent questions:

I have weak hair, is energizing shampoo okay?

If your hair is brittle, thin with little volume and split ends the main causes of weak hair are
Chemical processes: such as those of coloring or changing the structure of the hair, damage the cuticles and make the hair weak.
Excessive heat: Subjecting the hair to excessive heat using hot styling tools regularly damages the cuticles. When heat is applied to the hair shaft, the cuticles rise and let in excessive moisture. All this reduces the tensile strength of the hair and causes the cuticles to be unable to protect the hair from harmful external factors.
Proteins make up the bulk of the hair structure. If the follicles don't get enough protein, the hair becomes weak, brittle and prone to damage.

Do you have any other specific products for weak hair?

Of course, Natù is the most popular line of creams, shampoos and hair products in Italy. Also discover the energizing mask for weak hair.


Natù is compatibility and purity
Active ingredients of natural origin
Without aggressive surfactants
Delicacy on the skin
Also ideal for sensitive skin
Delicate fragrances
With hypoallergenic fragrances