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ENERGY MASK - Detangling hair mask with revitalizing action 250 / 900 ml

ENERGY MASK - Detangling hair mask with revitalizing action 250 / 900 ml

Intensive Energizing Mask, for fine hair. Gives strength and structure to the hair giving new energy and vitality. Suitable for fine and thin hair that needs to acquire tone and volume.
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Its intense regenerating action based on plant extracts and essential oils nourishes, restructures and strengthens, giving the hair sound and energy. Particularly suitable for fine and weak hair.

How to use: apply to washed and towel-dried hair, massage and leave on for 3 to 10 minutes depending on your needs. Comb and rinse thoroughly.

Weak hair?

Brittle, thin with little volume and split ends, what are the main causes of weak hair?

  • Chemical processes: such as those of coloring or changing the structure of the hair, damage the cuticles and make the hair weak.
  • Excessive heat: Subjecting the hair to excessive heat using hot styling tools regularly damages the cuticles. When heat is applied to the hair shaft, the cuticles rise and let in excessive moisture. All this reduces the tensile strength of the hair and makes the cuticles unable to protect the hair from harmful external factors.
  • Proteins make up the bulk of the hair structure. If the follicles do not get enough protein, the hair becomes weak, brittle and prone to damage


Regenerating action:

  • Horse chestnut: It cleanses the skin in a non-aggressive way and without interfering with the skin, and is useful in cases of hair that tend to get dirty quickly. In addition, it strengthens the hair shaft giving greater firmness and brightness and stimulates hair regrowth.
  • Serenoa repens: it is a natural and alternative solution that effectively prevents and fights hair loss. is able to counteract hair loss. Helps to fortify the hair, maintaining a healthy structure.


Frequent questions:

Can this detangling mask be used on the hair as a treatment before shampooing?

We recommend using Energy Mask after shampooing. It should be applied to washed and towel-dried hair. We suggest leaving the product on for 3 to 10 minutes depending on your needs. At the end of the treatment, comb and rinse thoroughly. Also try the energizing shampoo for weak hair.

Is it possible to buy other hair masks with a detangling effect in your online store?

Yes. We invite you to consult the page dedicated to the masks of the Natù line. You can find Cocò Mask, our coconut detangling hair mask and Mint Mask, based on mint.

Natù is our cosmetic line with exceptional characteristics of biocompatibility and purity. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Natù is compatibility and purity
Active ingredients of natural origin
Without dyes
Delicacy on the skin
Hypoallergenic fragrances