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PURIFY OIL - Anti-dandruff pre-shampoo peeling 200 ml

PURIFY OIL - Anti-dandruff pre-shampoo peeling 200 ml

To purify the scalp of impurities. It acts on the skin as a balancing and purifying, decongestant and calming sebum.
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It’s a pre-shampoo purifying soothing peeling, which makes the skin clean for longer. Gently eliminates dandruff and excess sebum without irritating the scalp. Its active ingredient based on Chinese menthol, nettle, rosemary, propolis and glycolic extract of calendula, reconditions the pilosebaceous system, nourishing all types of exploited hair, even by chemical treatments, making them more full-bodied and shiny.

How to use: Apply to the scalp before shampooing, massaging gently. Leave on for a few minutes, even under a heat source. Emulsify with hot water and rinse. Conclude the treatment with Natù Purifying Shampoo, Multi-active Washing Oil or Cleansing Milk.


Sebum-balancing and purifying action:

  • Chinese Menthol: energizing, refreshing, purifying action, benefits the scalp
  • Nettle: ASTRINGENT, cleansing, Anti-dandruff action, counteracts hair loss
  • Rosemary: purifies the scalp by stimulating microcirculation, promotes tissue oxygenation and healthy hair growth
  • Propolis: controls the production of sebum
  • Calendula: anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, soothing properties, helps to calm red skin, with dandruff and excess sebum

Frequent questions:

Dandruff peeling of the hair scalp and scalp scrub are two different treatments?

No, it's the same principle: it gently eliminates dandruff and excess sebum without irritating the scalp.

Are other anti-dandruff products like this peeling on sale in your online shop?

Absolutely yes. For example, Leave-in Energizer Platinum, the anti-hair loss treatment from the Maekò line. Among its main ingredients you can find nettle extract. The proteins of this plant are very functional against dandruff and hair loss.

Discover also Prunus Dulcis, our restructuring mask for treated hair. The sweet almond extract, of which it is particularly rich, helps prevent dandruff and counteracts frizzy hair. It suits both curly and straight hair very well.

Finally, we present you Mint Mask, the mint detangling hair mask from the Natù line. Its eucalyptus extracts are able to counteract the annoying problem of dandruff. This mask is also useful for those with oily hair. It is very effective against the production of excess sebum.

Natù is compatibility and purity
Active ingredients of natural origin
Without aggressive surfactants
Delicacy on the skin
Also ideal for sensitive skin
Delicate fragrances
With hypoallergenic fragrances